In Home Personal care
In Home Personal care

About Assistance with Ambulation & Transfer

Patients may notice that after a period of immobilization or post-injury, they face certain limitations in their natural movement. Elderly people also face a similar situation due to their old age. They may need assistance to move in bed or get out of bed, sit in a chair or to walk from one place to another. Having someone assisting them and watching their back gives them confidence and boosts their morale. Also, it allows them to take their time to complete their movement which will always make them happy.

Agility Home Care’s caregivers are properly trained in using mechanical lifting devices such as Hoyer Lifts. Before using such devices, they always inspect them properly. They check all the bolts for tightness and make sure that the mast and boom will not rotate. Our nurses and caregivers are well versed with using various types of slings. They will guide the patients gently and take care of their safety.

Agility Home Care prioritizes patient’s safety and needs.

Ambulation & Transfer Assistance for Elders & Patients

Agility Home Care's nurses and caregivers are fully trained and certified with proper credentials to take individuals step by step in their assistance services. They are always present and take all the precaution they need to take such as identifying roadblock, telling clients about the evenness of the terrain, contact guard assists, stand-by assist and more. If any physical therapy is recommended, they will make sure that you will complete your exercise routine daily, as per the physician's orders and therapist’s instructions.

It's always better to have a caregiver to make sure you or your loved ones do not fall and injure themselves while they are recovering. If you or your loved ones require any such assistance, kindly connect with us. We request you to Call Us or E-Mail Us for a prompt response.

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