skilled nursing care
skilled nursing care

About Catheter Care

Catheters are sensitive devices that can cause problems for inexperienced individuals. Fortunately, with the help of Agility Home Care, you need not worry about catheter care on account of the professional skills of our medical caretakers and registered nurses. Our registered and licensed nurses carry out their in-home care with steadiness, gentleness, and proficiency. Our Registered Nurses and LPN's will help the patients to carry out their task and keep them unharmed from any infections or complications.

Agility's Nurses will help the patients to manage their use of catheters. Our nurses make sure that the catheter is functioning properly, discuss comfort levels with the patient and check for any unwanted leakages. Our catheter care management includes changing the catheter, infection prevention, and educating patients, families, and/or primary caregivers regarding proper care and maintenance. Improper practices can lead to unwanted infections and damage in the future, so kindly allow Agility Home Care's Nurses to help the patients of catheter care with their respectful and professional in-home care services.

Compassionate & Hygienic in-home Catheter Care

Adjusting to life with a catheter is often difficult and stressful especially when it comes to proper care for the device. At Agility Health, we provide excellent in-home catheter care for those who need assistance for any reason. We strive to make our clients as comfortable as possible with responsible and gentle catheter care.

Leading a normal routine with a catheter can be difficult and make some people anxious especially when it involves taking proper care of the catheter device. At Agility Home Care, our nurses provide excellent in-home catheter care for those who need assistance. We aspire to ensure the total comfort of our clients and provide a gentle and responsible catheter care services.

Our registered nurses and licensed practicing nurses work in close coordination with care managers, doctors, and physicians. Each patient has a customized home care plan according to their needs and comforts. We guarantee that the patient's needs are always answered on priority and that they receive the best catheter care possible.

How Our Catheter Care Works

Agility Home Care's nurses will educate the patients with the in's and out's of catheter care. Our nurses have received the highest training and are experienced enough to guide patients, family members and/or primary care providers with catheter care management. These actions avoid larger complications such as infections in the urinary tract. Patients are taught how to take care of their sensitive organs, how to change their catheter, take care of their urethra and vulva.

Proper catheter home care is necessary for anyone who is using a catheter. If you or a loved one has an incontinence issue and is using a catheter, give Agility Home Care a call today.

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