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companion care

About Agility Home Care's Companion Care

When your loved ones age, they face physical challenges such as mobility, weariness and exhaustion. This can make it difficult for them to live independently making them more isolated from others. Our Companion Care Services provides compassionate and able caregivers in the entire Metro Atlanta Area. Our nurses prepare a care plan for our clients by understanding their needs, physician's treatment and the family's needs. Agility Home Care provides companion care services that will elevate their moods, enlighten their lives and help them lead a happy life.

Our caregivers are properly trained, background checked and have the StateLicensure (CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant or PCA) to carry out their duties with calmness and kindness. Our companion caregivers will assist clients with daily tasks such as companionship, shopping, assistance with pet care, medication management, stand-by assistance with walking and transfers, preparing meals, performing light housekeeping and more.

In-Home Companion Care Services

At Agility Home Care, we’re proud that many seniors and their families in the Metro Atlanta area opt for our companion care services. Our services have helped individuals with injuries and disabilities, elders with mobility issues and those facing mild weariness. Along with this, our services also provide respite care services which provide much-needed break and respite to family caregivers. Agility Home Care's Companion Care also includes:

  • Assistance with a Community Living.
  • Escorting to appointments and social events.
  • Stand-by assistance with walking and transfers.
  • Reminder services (medications, dates, routines.)
  • Preparing meals.
  • Performing light housekeeping.
  • Errands (prescription pick-up, dry cleaning.).
  • Entertaining (games, crafts, reading.)

We understand the difficulties of living and aging, in a major city, alone. That is why we offer companion care services. Connect with us today to know more about our Companion Care Services in Atlanta. Kindly Call Us or E-Mail Us for a prompt response.

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Medication Management & Medication Reminders

Any medicine's effectiveness depends on its timely administration. Our in-home personal care covers this aspect too. Our caregivers remind our clients about various medications they need to take at their respective time.
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Meal Preparation Assistance and Help

Our companion care services include non-medical care such as assistance in preparing meals. Our caregivers will help your loved one with all aspects of daily living.
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Household Errands, Grocery Shopping, and Housekeeping

Agility Home Care's Companion Care takes care of non-medical aspects of care such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping, shopping assistance, helping you in your errands and more.
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Educating Primary Healthcare Providers

We consider it to be our responsibility to share valuable information with our clients and their loved ones. Our skilled nurses guide the patient's family with their experience to help them in a quick and comfortable recovery.
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Assistance with a Safe Bathing Environment

Our Companion Care Services take care of your safety by watching out for any areas where you might injure yourself in your bathroom. Falling inside the bathroom is nasty and is best avoided. Trust our caregivers to attend to your safety.
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Escorting to appointments and social events

For your holistic well being, you need to keep up with your social calendar, attending important events and enjoying your life. Our Companion Care caregivers will escort you to your social events.
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Organizing and reading mail

Agility Home Care's trustworthy caregivers will help you to organize your mails, and if you want open and read them to you.
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Entertaining (games, crafts, reading)

Agility Home Care's caregivers will help you to smile and laugh by engaging in activities such as playing cards and reading books.
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Stand-by assistance with walking and transfers

Agility Home Care's caregivers will give you a stand-by assistance watch out for your safety and preventing any unwanted accidents.
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Home safety evaluation

Our caregivers will properly shut the doors and windows and keep track of your home to keep out burglars, strangers, and wild animals.
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