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skilled nursing care

About Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy involves the administration of the prescribed medicine via a needle or a catheter. Infusion Therapy is recommended when the patient's condition is serious to such an extent, that it can't be dealt with successfully by oral medications. Typically, "Infusion Therapy" implies that medication is given intravenously. However, the term additionally may also mean, the circumstances wherein the medications are given through other non-oral courses, for example, intramuscular injections and epidural channels (membranes near the spinal cord)

Diseases that usually require infusion therapy are infections resistant to oral antibiotics, cancer and chemotherapy infusion therapy, dehydration, gastrointestinal system diseases or disorders which cause problems in its proper functioning, vitamin c injections and more. Other conditions which might require infusion therapy are cancer, congestive heart failure, Crohn's Disease, hemophilia, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

Who needs Infusion Therapy Care?

Some patients require long-term medication for complete treatment. Infusion Therapy can improve your general wellbeing and can give you the treatment that can be life-sustaining.

What medications might be given with infusion therapy?

Patients with a Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PIDD) may be treated with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). Various medications of IVIG are accessible from various organizations. You should work with your physician to recognize which one will work best for you.

Numerous patients can get immunoglobulin substitution in different ways such as subcutaneously under the skin, rather than in the vein. A few patients start with IVIG treatment and change to different techniques so they can inject immunoglobulin whenever it might suit them, at home. On the off chance that you are keen on such alternatives, you should contact your primary care physician. Many other medications, such as antibiotics, steroids, and IV fluids, can be given intravenously.

Agility Home Care's expert nurses efficiently supervise and administer the prescribed medicines. Our caregivers are experienced to deliver these infusions with minimal pain and complete care. Hygiene factors, dosage timings as per physicians orders and educating patients, family members and/or the primary care provider. Kindly connect with Agility Home Care via call or E-Mail Us for a prompt response.

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